In dermicLAB we're all about effectivness and safety. Below you can find a short decription of ingredients we use in our formulas.

ETHYL ALCOHOL – a natural alcohol, obtained in the process of fermentation of plant material. It has a strong antibacterial action, increases effectiveness of the cosmetic and speeds up absorption.

BETAINE – a natural raw material obtained from sugar beet. Intensively moisturizes, prevents feeling of skin tightening.

GLYCERIN -  a natural emollient which improves smoothness of skin, softens it and moisturizes.

ARISTOFLEX®  - provides a pleasant, velvety feeling on the skin.

GLYCOL – moisturizes and helps other ingredients to penetrate skin, which in turn makes them more effective.

FRAGRANCE COMPOSITION ALOE FRESH – thanks to a delicate, discreet scent your hands will smell nice and using the product

will be a pleasant experience.